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Microstructure and mechanical properties of slowly cooled Cu47.5Zr47.5Al5

  • J. Das (a1), S. Pauly (a2), C. Duhamel (a2), B.C. Wei (a3) and J. Eckert (a1)...


Cu47.5Zr47.5Al5 was prepared by arc melting and solidified in situ by suction casting into 2–5-mm-diameter rods under various cooling rates (200–2000 K/s). The microstructure was investigated along the length of the rods by electron microscopy, differential scanning calorimetry and mechanical properties were investigated under compression. The microstructure of differently prepared specimens consists of macroscopic spherical shape chemically inhomogeneous regions together with a low volume fraction of randomly distributed CuZr B2 phase embedded in a 2–7 nm size clustered “glassy-martensite” matrix. The as-cast specimens show high yield strength (1721 MPa), pronounced work-hardening behavior up to 2116 MPa and large fracture strain up to 12.1–15.1%. The fracture strain decreases with increasing casting diameter. The presence of chemical inhomogenities and nanoscale “glassy-martensite” features are beneficial for improving the inherent ductility of the metallic glass.


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