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Microstructural evolution and magnetic properties of size-controlled nanocrystalline Ni in Ni(OH)2–ZrO2 composite

  • Bibhuti B. Nayak (a1), Satish Vitta (a1) and D. Bahadur (a1)


Size-controlled nanocrystallites of Ni varying in size from 2 to 26 nm distributed in a nonmagnetic matrix of Ni(OH)2–ZrO2have been prepared by changing the reduction reaction time and by adding different concentrations of ZrOCl2solution to the initial reaction mixture. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy indicates the presence of B2O3, Ni(OH)2, and ZrO2with Ni nanocrystals in the as-prepared composites. The room-temperature saturation magnetization and coercivity of the composites increases from ∼1.5 to 10 emu g−1and 100 to 200 Oe, respectively, when the ZrOCl2concentration in the reaction mixture increases to 0.10 M. The nanocrystals prepared without the addition of ZrOCl2exhibit a typical ferromagnetic response at 300 K, while that prepared with the addition of 0.10 M ZrOCl2shows a ferromagnetic response up to 400 K with higher saturation magnetization and coercivity.


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Microstructural evolution and magnetic properties of size-controlled nanocrystalline Ni in Ni(OH)2–ZrO2 composite

  • Bibhuti B. Nayak (a1), Satish Vitta (a1) and D. Bahadur (a1)


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