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Microstructural evolution and interfacial reactions of fluxless-bonded Au-20Sn/Cu solder joint during reflow and aging

  • Jeong-Won Yoon (a1), Hyun-Suk Chun (a1), Hoo-Jeong Lee (a1) and Seung-Boo Jung (a1)


The microstructural evolution and interfacial reactions of fluxless-bonded, Au-20wt%Sn/Cu solder joint were investigated during reflow and aging. After reflowing at 310 °C, only one thick and irregularly shaped ζ(Cu) layer was formed at the interface. After the prolonged reflow reaction, the AuCu layer was formed between the ζ(Cu) layer and the Cu substrate. During reflowing, the Cu substrate reacted primarily with the ζ-phase in the solder matrix. The solid-state interfacial reaction was much faster at 250 °C than at 150 °C. After aging at 250 °C for 100 h, thick ζ(Cu), AuCu and AuCu3 IMC layers were formed at the interface. The formation of the AuCu3 intermetallic compound (IMC) was caused by Cu enrichment at the AuCu/Cu layer interface. After aging for 500 h, cracks were observed inside the interfacial AuCu layer. The study results clearly demonstrate the need for an alternative surface finish on Cu, to ensure the high temperature reliability of the Au-20Sn/Cu solder joint.


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