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Microstructural characterization of Al98.5wt. %Si1.0wt. %Cu0.5wt. % on chemical-vapor-deposited W

  • Carey A. Pico (a1) and Tom D. Bonifield (a1)


The microstructural and morphological properties of thin (6000 Å) Al98.5wt. %Si1.0wt. %Cu0.5wt. % films on chemical-vapor-deposited tungsten-coated substrates have been characterized as functions of substrate temperature during deposition and a postdeposition sinter. Scanning electron and transmission electron microscopic investigations show these properties can be categorized with respect to the substrate temperature during deposition. The Al98.5wt. %Si1.0wt. %Cu0.5wt. % films deposited on substrates heated at temperatures ≤200 °C are rough and are comprised of rounded grains. For deposition on substrates heated at ≤300 °C, the films are smooth. Large voids and small precipitates (presumably Al2Cu) are present in the films deposited at 400 °C. The films retain their as-deposited texture during a 450 °C sinter. Precipitates and evidence of W interactions occur in the sintered films deposited on the lower temperature substrates. In addition, the shapes of thermal hillocks and mesa-like protrusions that form during the sintering process are influenced by the films' as-deposited morphologies.



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Microstructural characterization of Al98.5wt. %Si1.0wt. %Cu0.5wt. % on chemical-vapor-deposited W

  • Carey A. Pico (a1) and Tom D. Bonifield (a1)


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