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Microscale shear specimens for evaluating the shear deformation in single-crystal and nanocrystalline Cu and at Cu–Si interfaces

  • Jonathan G. Gigax (a1), Jon K. Baldwin (a1), Chris J. Sheehan (a1), Stuart A. Maloy (a2) and Nan Li (a1)...


Microscale testing has enjoyed significant developments, with the majority of testing focused on tensile/compression type tests and little focus on shear testing. With the recent advances in macroscale shear testing, we developed a novel shear structure for evaluating shear properties of bulk materials and films at the microscale. The shear response in single-crystal copper oriented along the [111] direction was found to have a yield strength of ∼180 MPa. Nanocrystalline copper specimens with different orientations showed sensitivity to the film texture with a shear yield strength nearly three times that of single-crystal copper. Shear specimens were fabricated with Cu film–Si substrate interface near the middle of the shear region and compressed to fracture. The shear response showed a mixed behavior of the stiff Si substrate and softer nanocrystalline film and failed in a brittle manner, indicating a response unique to the interface.


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Microscale shear specimens for evaluating the shear deformation in single-crystal and nanocrystalline Cu and at Cu–Si interfaces

  • Jonathan G. Gigax (a1), Jon K. Baldwin (a1), Chris J. Sheehan (a1), Stuart A. Maloy (a2) and Nan Li (a1)...


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