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Mesoporous Co–B amorphous alloy films with enhanced catalytic efficiency prepared from a mixed-surfactant solution

  • Hui Li (a1), Jun Liu (a1), Haixia Yang (a1) and Hexing Li (a1)


Co–B films were synthesized through the solvent evaporation-assisted chemical reduction method by using a mixed-surfactant solution containing Span 40 and (1S)-(+)-10-camphorsulfonic acid. With the characterization of x-ray diffraction, selected-area electron diffraction, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning electron micrography, and transmission electron micrography, the resulting Co–B films were identified to be amorphous alloys with mesoporous structure. The synergistic effect of two kinds of surfactants is essential for the formation of mesoporous structure. During liquid-phase cinnamaldehyde hydrogenation to cinnamyl alcohol, the mesoporous Co–B amorphous alloy films exhibited a much higher activity and better selectivity than the solid Co–B nanoparticles prepared by direct reduction of cobalt ions with borohydride. The enhanced activity is attributed to both the mesoporous and the film structure, which provides more Co active sites for the adsorption and diffusion of reactant molecules. The improved selectivity may be related to the difference in surface curvature.


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Mesoporous Co–B amorphous alloy films with enhanced catalytic efficiency prepared from a mixed-surfactant solution

  • Hui Li (a1), Jun Liu (a1), Haixia Yang (a1) and Hexing Li (a1)


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