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Mechanochemistry of the titanium–silicon system: Compositional effects

  • S. Doppiu (a1), M. Monagheddu (a1), G. Cocco (a1), F. Maglia (a2), U. Anselmi-Tamburini (a2) and Z. A. Munir (a3)...


The mechanochemical behavior of the Ti–Si system was investigated across the whole composition range at a constant milling intensity. At low Si content the mechanical alloying process leads progressively to an amorphous structure. In the central range of the equilibrium diagram, crystalline intermetallic compounds form with a combustion-like behavior. A nanostructured composite of TiSi2 gradually evolves above the Ti25Si75 stoichiometry. Transformation behaviors relate to the thermodynamic and thermochemical properties of the tested mixtures as well as with their mechanical features and structural refinement, which change drastically within the explored composition range.


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Mechanochemistry of the titanium–silicon system: Compositional effects

  • S. Doppiu (a1), M. Monagheddu (a1), G. Cocco (a1), F. Maglia (a2), U. Anselmi-Tamburini (a2) and Z. A. Munir (a3)...


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