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Mechanical behavior of individual WS2 nanotubes

  • I. Kaplan-Ashiri (a1), S.R. Cohen (a2), K. Gartsman (a2), R. Rosentsveig (a1), G. Seifert (a3) and R. Tenne (a1)...


The Young's modulus of WS2 nanotubes is an important property for various applications. Measurements of the mechanical properties of individual nanotubes are challenged by their small size. In the current work, atomic force microscopy was used to determine the Young's modulus of an individual multiwall WS2 nanotube, which was mounted on a silicon cantilever. The buckling force was measured by pushing the nanotube against a mica surface. The average Young's modulus of an individual WS2 nanotube, which was calculated by using Euler's equation, was found to be 171 GPa. First-principle calculations of the Young's modulus of MoS2 single-wall nanotubes using density-functional–based tight-binding method resulted in a value (230 GPa) that is close to that of the bulk material. Furthermore, the diameter dependence of the Young's modulus in both zigzag and armchair configuration was studied and was found to approach the bulk value for nanotubes with few-nanometer diameters. Similar behavior is expected for WS2 nanotubes. The mechanical behavior of the WS2 nanotubes as atomic force microscope imaging tips gave further support for the measured Young's modulus.


Corresponding author

a)This author was an editor of this journal during the review and decision stage. For the JMR policy on review and publication of manuscripts authored by editors, please refer to


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Mechanical behavior of individual WS2 nanotubes

  • I. Kaplan-Ashiri (a1), S.R. Cohen (a2), K. Gartsman (a2), R. Rosentsveig (a1), G. Seifert (a3) and R. Tenne (a1)...


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