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Low-temperature growth and characterization of epitaxial ZnO nanorods by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition

  • Dong Chan Kim (a1), Bo Hyun Kong (a1), Sung-Yun Jeon (a1), Ji-Beom Yoo (a1), Hyung Koun Cho (a1), Dong Jun Park (a2) and Jeong Yong Lee (a2)...


By injecting additional argon gas, we were able to grow one-dimensional ZnO nanorod arrays with a uniform distribution on a large scale at a low temperature of less than 330 °C by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. All of the nanorods grown on the sapphire substrate had a 30° in-plane rotation with respect to the substrate and showed the epitaxial characteristics of [10¯10]ZnO//[11¯20]sapphire, despite the low-temperature growth. These ZnO nanorods with high crystalline quality exhibited a high enhancement factor and low turn-on field value, thus having good potential to be used as a field emitter.


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Low-temperature growth and characterization of epitaxial ZnO nanorods by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition

  • Dong Chan Kim (a1), Bo Hyun Kong (a1), Sung-Yun Jeon (a1), Ji-Beom Yoo (a1), Hyung Koun Cho (a1), Dong Jun Park (a2) and Jeong Yong Lee (a2)...


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