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LFZ growth of (Bi, Pb)–Sr–Ca–Cu–O superconducting fibers

  • G.F. de la Fuente (a1), R. Navarro (a1), F. Lera (a1), C. Rillo (a1), J. Bartolomé (a1), A. Badía (a1), D. Beltrán (a1), R. Ibáñez (a1), A. Beltrán (a2) and E. Sinn (a3)...


Powder x-ray diffraction, d.c. and a.c. susceptibilities, and SEM have been used to study (Bi1−xPbx)2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10−δ fibers grown by the Laser Floating Zone method. The well-oriented, long-grained superconductor fiber properties are shown to be highly dependent on the partial pressure of oxygen in the growth atmosphere, as well as on fiber pulling rate. Slowly grown fibers contain initially the 2212 (80 K) phase; the 2223 (110 K) phase also appears upon annealing in air. Faster growth rates result in fibers that contain a mixture of the 2212 and 2201 phases and, in this case, long annealing procedures are necessary to observe the 2223 phase.



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LFZ growth of (Bi, Pb)–Sr–Ca–Cu–O superconducting fibers

  • G.F. de la Fuente (a1), R. Navarro (a1), F. Lera (a1), C. Rillo (a1), J. Bartolomé (a1), A. Badía (a1), D. Beltrán (a1), R. Ibáñez (a1), A. Beltrán (a2) and E. Sinn (a3)...


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