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Lead titanate nano- and microtubes

  • Lili Zhao (a1), Martin Steinhart (a1), Jian Yu (a2) and Ulrich Gösele (a1)


Lead titanate (PbTiO3) nano- and microtubes were fabricated by wetting ordered porous alumina and macroporous silicon with precursor oligomers coupled with templated thermolysis. The diameters of the PbTiO3 tubes range from a few tens of nanometers up to one micron. The proper selection of the template allowed for a precise adjustment of their size over two orders of magnitude. Electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction revealed that the tube walls were polycrystalline. The generic approach presented here can be adapted for the fabrication of tubes and rods from a multitude of functional inorganic oxides.


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Lead titanate nano- and microtubes

  • Lili Zhao (a1), Martin Steinhart (a1), Jian Yu (a2) and Ulrich Gösele (a1)


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