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Ion beam processing of LiNbO3

  • B. R. Appleton (a1), G. M. Beardsley (a1), G. C. Farlow (a1), W. H. Christie (a1) and P. R. Ashley (a2)...


Ion implantation and ion beam mixing have been investigated as alternative techniques to hightemperature diffusion for introducing dopants into LiNbO3. Heavy ion bombardment at both 77 and 300 K initiated a near-surface decomposition causing Li to diffuse to the surface where it formed a nonuniform agglomerate. The damage and annealing characteristics of this effect were studied by ion scattering/channeling, secondary ion mass spectrometry, and optical microscopy. The origins of the surface decomposition are discussed along with possible solutions, and selected samples were evaluated for waveguide properties.



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Ion beam processing of LiNbO3

  • B. R. Appleton (a1), G. M. Beardsley (a1), G. C. Farlow (a1), W. H. Christie (a1) and P. R. Ashley (a2)...


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