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Ion beam mixing of La(OH)3/Cu bilayers

  • J. P. Mathevet (a1), A. Traverse (a1), J. Chaumont (a1), M. Gasgnier (a2) and S. Megtert (a3)...


The evolution of atomic composition, atomic depth distribution, and structural states of La(OH)3/Cu bilayers prepared by electron gun evaporation and submitted to ion beam irradiation is described. Chemical reactivity of La with O and H is evidenced in the initially deposited La/Cu bilayer, despite the fact that the pure La layer is coated with a thick Cu layer. Ion beam mixing with energetic Au ions, at 300 K and 700 K, results in breaking down the La–O–H bonds, while Cu atoms are knocked into the layer. There is a depth redistribution of the different atomic species, with formation of nonidentified phases.



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Ion beam mixing of La(OH)3/Cu bilayers

  • J. P. Mathevet (a1), A. Traverse (a1), J. Chaumont (a1), M. Gasgnier (a2) and S. Megtert (a3)...


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