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Investigation of silicon nanoclusters embedded in ZnO matrices deposited by cosputtering system

  • Li-Wen Lai (a1), Chih-Hong Liu (a2), Ching-Ting Lee (a1), Li-Ren Lou (a1), Wen-Yung Yeh (a3) and Mu-Tao Chu (a3)...


A co-sputtering system was used to deposit silicon nanoclusters embedded in zinc oxide matrix (Si:ZnO) at low temperature without post-annealing. By adjusting the radio frequency power of the Si target during co-sputtering, Si:ZnO films with various crystallographic structures can be obtained. Silicon nanoclusters embedded in the zinc oxide matrix were examined using a high-resolution transmission electron microscope, x-ray diffractometer, and Fourier transformation infrared spectrometry. By comparing with photoluminescence spectra, we can clearly identify quantum confinement effect of silicon nanoclusters embedded in the ZnO matrix.


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Investigation of silicon nanoclusters embedded in ZnO matrices deposited by cosputtering system

  • Li-Wen Lai (a1), Chih-Hong Liu (a2), Ching-Ting Lee (a1), Li-Ren Lou (a1), Wen-Yung Yeh (a3) and Mu-Tao Chu (a3)...


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