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Inorganic islands on a highly stretchable polyimide substrate

  • Jeong-Yun Sun (a1), Nanshu Lu (a2), Juil Yoon (a3), Kyu-Hwan Oh (a4), Zhigang Suo (a1) and Joost J. Vlassak (a2)...


For a flexible electronic device integrating inorganic materials on a polymer substrate, the polymer can deform substantially, but the inorganic materials usually fracture at small strains. This paper describes an approach to make such a device highly stretchable. A polyimide substrate is first coated with a thin layer of an elastomer, on top of which SiNx islands are fabricated. When the substrate is stretched to a large strain, the SiNx islands remain intact. Calculations confirm that the elastomer reduces the strain in the SiNx islands by orders of magnitude.


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