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Inhibition of interfacial embrittlement at SnBi/Cu single crystal by electrodeposited Ag film

  • Q.S. Zhu (a1), Z.F. Zhang (a1), Z.G. Wang (a1) and J.K. Shang (a2)


Electrodeposited Ag film was explored as a potential interfacial barrier to Bi segregation for suppressing the interfacial embrittlement of Cu/SnBi interconnects. The presence of Ag film introduced Ag3Sn intermetallic layer at the interface, which effectively prevented Bi from reaching the Cu/intermetallic interface. When the persistent slip bands (PSBs) in the Cu single crystal were driven to impinge the Cu/Cu3Sn interface, interfacial cracking was averted and instead superceded by cracking of intermetallic compounds (IMCs) at the interface.


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Inhibition of interfacial embrittlement at SnBi/Cu single crystal by electrodeposited Ag film

  • Q.S. Zhu (a1), Z.F. Zhang (a1), Z.G. Wang (a1) and J.K. Shang (a2)


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