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Influence of matrix characteristics on fracture toughness of high volume fraction Al2O3/Al–AlN composites

  • N. Nagendra (a1) and V. Jayaram (a1)


The role of matrix microstructure on the fracture of Al-alloy composites with 60 vol% alumina particulates was studied. The matrix composition and microstructure were systematically varied by changing the infiltration temperature and heat treatment. Characterization was carried out by a combination of metallography, hardness measurements, and fracture studies conducted on compact tension specimens to study the fracture toughness and crack growth in the composites. The composites showed a rise in crack resistance with crack extension (R curves) due to bridges of intact matrix ligaments formed in the crack wake. The steady-state or plateau toughness reached upon stable crack growth was observed to be more sensitive to the process temperature rather than to the heat treatment. Fracture in the composites was predominantly by particle fracture, extensive deformation, and void nucleation in the matrix. Void nucleation occurred in the matrix in the as-solutionized and peak-aged conditions and preferentially near the interface in the underaged and overaged conditions. Micromechanical models based on crack bridging by intact ductile ligaments were modified by a plastic constraint factor from estimates of the plastic zone formed under indentations, and are shown to be adequate in predicting the steady-state toughness of the composite.



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Influence of matrix characteristics on fracture toughness of high volume fraction Al2O3/Al–AlN composites

  • N. Nagendra (a1) and V. Jayaram (a1)


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