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Increased conductivity of polymerized ionic liquids through the use of a nonpolymerizable ionic liquid additive

  • Kaija Põhako-Esko (a1), Martin Timusk (a2), Kristjan Saal (a2), Rünno Lõhmus (a2), Ilmar Kink (a2) and Uno Mäeorg (a3)...


In the present study, polymerizable ionic liquids (ILs), 1-[n-(methacryloyloxy)alkyl]-3-methylimidazolium bromides (n = 2, 6, 7, or 10), were synthesized in high yields. Moreover, the compounds obtained (n = 6, 7, or 10) were used in the preparation of composite materials comprising a polymerized IL matrix and a nonpolymerizable IL additive, 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate ([EMIM][BF4]) in various proportions (up to 75% vol/vol of [EMIM][BF4]). The UV-radiation-initiated photopolymerization process was monitored in situ by measuring the resistivities of the mixtures. An increase in [EMIM][BF4] content in the composites led to an increase in the ionic conductivities of the materials while retaining their solid state at levels as high as 40% vol/vol of the [EMIM][BF4] content. The 40% vol/vol composites had conductivities of approximately 10−4 S/cm compared to the conductivities of 10−5 S/cm for the corresponding neat polymerized ILs. Above this [EMIM][BF4] content, the materials were sticky gels, and from 50% vol/vol onwards, entirely liquid.


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Increased conductivity of polymerized ionic liquids through the use of a nonpolymerizable ionic liquid additive

  • Kaija Põhako-Esko (a1), Martin Timusk (a2), Kristjan Saal (a2), Rünno Lõhmus (a2), Ilmar Kink (a2) and Uno Mäeorg (a3)...


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