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In situ spherical B2 CuZr phase reinforced ZrCuNiAlNb bulk metallic glass matrix composite

  • Jinmin Liu (a1), Haifeng Zhang, Huameng Fu, Zhuang-Qi Hu (a2) and Xiaoguang Yuan (a3)...


In situ microlevel spherical B2 CuZr phase reinforced Zr49.5Cu36.45Ni4.05Al9Nb1 bulk metallic glass matrix composite was prepared successfully by the copper mold casting method. It was found that mechanical properties of Zr50.5Cu36.45Ni4.05Al9 alloy were improved largely due to the Nb addition. The room-temperature compressive fracture strength and plastic strain for Zr49.5Cu36.45Ni4.05Al9Nb1 rod with a diameter of 5 mm reaches 2037 MPa and 8%, respectively. The improvements are attributed to the precipitation of the spherical B2 CuZr phase distributed uniformly in amorphous matrix, which effectively hampers the propagation of shear bands by deflecting them at the interface and by a multiplication mechanism.


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In situ spherical B2 CuZr phase reinforced ZrCuNiAlNb bulk metallic glass matrix composite

  • Jinmin Liu (a1), Haifeng Zhang, Huameng Fu, Zhuang-Qi Hu (a2) and Xiaoguang Yuan (a3)...


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