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In situ observations on deformation behavior and stretching-induced failure of fine pitch stretchable interconnect

  • Yung-Yu Hsu (a1), Mario Gonzalez (a2), Frederick Bossuyt, Fabrice Axisa, Jan Vanfleteren (a3) and Ingrid De Wolf (a1)...


Electronic devices capable of performing in extreme mechanical conditions such as stretching, bending, or twisting will improve biomedical and wearable systems. The required capabilities cannot be achieved with conventional building geometries, because of structural rigidity and lack of mechanical stretchability. In this article, a zigzag-patterned structure representing a stretchable interconnect is presented as a promising type of building block. In situ experimental observations on the deformed interconnect are correlated with numerical analysis, providing an understanding of the deformation and failure mechanisms. The experimental results demonstrate that the zigzag-patterned interconnect enables stretchability up to 60% without rupture. This stretchability is accommodated by in-plane rotation of arms and out-of-plane deformation of crests. Numerical analysis shows that the dominating failure cause is interfacial in-plane shear stress. The plastic strain concentration at the arms close to the crests, obtained by numerical simulation, agrees well with the failure location observed in the experiment.


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