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Identification of delamination through TGO stresses due to indentation testing of an EB-PVD TBC

  • Makoto Tanaka, Yu-Fu Liu and Yutaka Kagawa (a1)


The Rockwell indentation test was used to generate interface delamination in an EB-PVD thermal barrier coating (TBC) system that was thermally cycled between 300 °C and 1050 °C. Luminescence spectroscopy was applied to measure the thermally grown oxide (TGO) stresses in indentation-affected and perfectly bonded regions. Comparison between experimental stress mapping in bonded and delaminated regions by luminescence spectroscopy and finite element analysis was shown and the effect of delamination paths was presented. Zigzag delamination paths alternating between the top TBC-TGO interface and TGO-bond coat interface were shown to induce TGO stress releases and fluctuations in the delaminated region. Luminescence spectroscopy measurements successfully detect such behavior, making it possible to identify nondestructively the size of the delaminated region, the delamination crack front position, and the delamination paths in part.


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Identification of delamination through TGO stresses due to indentation testing of an EB-PVD TBC

  • Makoto Tanaka, Yu-Fu Liu and Yutaka Kagawa (a1)


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