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Hydrothermal synthesis of anisotropic alkali and alkaline earth vanadates

  • Alexej Michailovski (a1), Michael Wörle (a1), Denis Sheptyakov (a2) and Greta R. Patzke (a1)


In the course of a systematic field study, anisotropic alkali and alkaline earth vanadates have been accessed through a straightforward, one-step hydrothermal process. They are formed quantitatively from V2O5 and alkali- or alkaline earth halide solutions after a few days of autoclave treatment in the temperature range between 100 and 220 °C. The presence of ionic additives leads to an interplay between the formation of isotropic crystalline phases and the production of fibrous oxide materials, such as a novel magnesium vanadate. The influence of the hydrothermal parameters and of the alkali/alkaline earth halides on the emerging phases and morphologies has been investigated in the course of a systematic study. The results are compared with other vanadate- and transition metal oxide-based hydrothermal systems, and the emerging trends are discussed with respect to the development of predictive synthetic concepts for nanostructured vanadium oxides.


Corresponding author

a) Address all correspondence to this author. e-mail: This paper was selected as the outstanding meeting paper for the 2005 MRS Spring Meeting Symposium Y Proceedings, Vol. 878E.


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Hydrothermal synthesis of anisotropic alkali and alkaline earth vanadates

  • Alexej Michailovski (a1), Michael Wörle (a1), Denis Sheptyakov (a2) and Greta R. Patzke (a1)


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