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Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of the eulytite phase of bismuth germanium oxide powders

  • Timothy J. Boyle (a1), Eric Sivonxay (a1), Pin Yang (a2), Mark A. Rodriguez (a3), Bernadette A. Hernandez-Sanchez (a4), Nelson S. Bell (a4), Andrew Velazquez (a4), Bryan Kaehr (a4), Marlene Bencomo (a5), James J.M. Griego (a6) and Patrick Doty (a7)...


A simple hydrothermal route to the eulytite phase of bismuth germanium oxide (E-BGO: Bi4(GeO4)3) that required no post-processing has been developed. The E-BGO material was isolated from a mixture of bismuth nitrate pentahydrate and a slight excess of germanium oxide in water under hydrothermal conditions (185 °C for 24 h). The resultant materials were characterized by powder x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and luminescence measurements to verify the particle's phase (eulytite), morphology, size, and response to a variety of excitation energy sources, respectively. Photoluminescence spectroscopic response from E-BGO pellets indicated that the samples exhibited a strong emission peak consistent with an x-ray induced luminescence of a E-BGO single crystal (500 nm excited at 285 nm). Cathodoluminescent properties of the E-BGO displayed a broadband spectrum with a maximum at 487 nm. The growth process was consistent with a standard Oswald ripening and LaMer growth processes.


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