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Hydrothermal growth of millimeter-sized aluminosilicate sodalite single crystals in noble metal capsules

  • Tomohiro Hayashi (a1), Hidemoto Shiga (a1), Masayoshi Sadakata (a1), Tatsuya Okubo (a1) and Masahiro Yoshimura (a2)...


Aluminosilicate sodalite Na8[SiAlO4]6Cl2 single crystals are synthesized by hydrothermal processing at 873–973 K and 100–150 MPa in noble metal capsules to avoid contamination. The starting material is aluminosilicate gel, and spontaneous nucleation followed by its growth takes place. The largest size of the single crystals obtained is 1 mm across. Longer aging and heating result in larger single crystals. It is also found that the aluminum source in the synthesis gel and the element used in the noble metal capsules influence the single crystal growth. Judging from x-ray diffraction (XRD) (powder and single-crystal), optical microscopy, and thermogravimetry and differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA), the sodalite single crystals grown have good quality compared with the conventional powder.



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