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Highly (200)-oriented Pt films on SiO2/Si substrates by seed selection through amorphization and controlled grain growth

  • Min Hong Kim (a1), Tae-Soon Park (a1), Dong-Su Lee (a1), Euijoon Yoon (a1), Dong-Yeon Park (a2), Hyun-Jung Woo (a2), Dong-Il Chun (a2) and Jowoong Ha (a2)...


Highly (200)-oriented Pt films on SiO2/Si substrates were successfully prepared by a combination of a dc magnetron sputtering using Ar/O2 gas mixtures and subsequent controlled annealing. The intensity ratio of (200) to (111) planes (I200/I111) was over 200. The (200)-oriented Pt microcrystallites were less susceptible to amorphization due to their lower strain energy with oxygen incorporation than (111)-oriented ones. The controlled grain growth from the selected (200)-oriented seed microcrystallites during subsequent annealing provided a kinetic pathway where grain growth of the seed microcrystallites was predominant, while suppressing the nucleation of surface energy-driven, (111)-oriented seed microcrystallites and subsequent (111) preferred orientation.


Corresponding author


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