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Highly (002)-oriented ZnO film grown by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis on ZnO-seeded Si (100) substrate

  • Jun-Liang Zhao (a1), Xiao-Min Li (a2), Sam Zhang (a3), Chang Yang (a1), Xiang-Dong Gao (a2) and Wei-Dong Yu (a2)...


ZnO films are grown by the ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method on ZnO seeding layer deposited on Si (100) by pulsed laser deposition. The resultant film possesses a columnar microstructure perpendicular to the substrate and exhibits smooth, dense, and uniform morphology. The preferred orientation along the c-axis of the film is significantly enhanced compared to that without the seeding layer. ZnO film grown on ZnO-seeded silicon exhibits higher hall mobility, lower resisitivity, and higher photoluminescence intensity.


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