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High ductility of ultrafine-grained steel via phase transformation

  • S. Cheng (a1), H. Choo (a2), Y.H. Zhao (a3), X-L. Wang (a4), Y.T. Zhu (a3), Y.D. Wang (a5), J. Almer (a6), P.K. Liaw (a5), J.E. Jin (a7) and Y.K. Lee (a7)...


There is often a tradeoff between strength and ductility, and the low ductility of ultrafine-grained (UFG) materials has been a major obstacle to their practical structural applications despite their high strength. In this study, we have achieved a ∼40% tensile ductility while increasing the yield strength of FeCrNiMn steel by an order of magnitude via grain refinement and deformation-induced martensitic phase transformation. The strain-rate effect on the inhomogeneous deformation behavior and phase transformation was studied in detail.


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High ductility of ultrafine-grained steel via phase transformation

  • S. Cheng (a1), H. Choo (a2), Y.H. Zhao (a3), X-L. Wang (a4), Y.T. Zhu (a3), Y.D. Wang (a5), J. Almer (a6), P.K. Liaw (a5), J.E. Jin (a7) and Y.K. Lee (a7)...


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