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Hetero-epitaxy of high quality germanium film on silicon substrate for optoelectronic integrated circuit applications

  • Kwang Hong Lee (a1), Shuyu Bao (a2), Yiding Lin (a2), Wei Li (a3), P Anantha (a3), Lin Zhang (a3), Yue Wang (a1), Jurgen Michel (a4), Eugene A. Fitzgerald (a4) and Chuan Seng Tan (a2)...


Integration of photonic devices on silicon (Si) substrates is a key method in enabling large scale manufacturing of Si-based photonic–electronic circuits for next generation systems with high performance, small form factor, low power consumption, and low cost. Germanium (Ge) is a promising material due to its pseudo-direct bandgap and its compatibility with Si-CMOS processing. In this article, we present our recent progress on achieving high quality germanium-on-silicon (Ge/Si) materials. Subsequently, the performance of various functional devices such as photodetectors, lasers, waveguides, and sensors that are fabricated on the Ge/Si platform are discussed. Some possible future works such as the incorporation of tin (Sn) into Ge will be proposed. Finally, some applications based on a fully monolithic integrated photonic–electronic chip on an Si platform will be highlighted at the end of this article.


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Contributing Editor: Mmantsae Diale



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