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Growth of single-crystalline tungsten nanowires by an alloy-catalyzed method at 850 °C

  • Shiliang Wang (a1), Yuehui He (a1), Jian Xu (a1), Yao Jiang (a1), Baiyun Huang (a1), Jin Zou (a2), Yong Wang (a2), C.T. Liu (a3) and P.K. Liaw (a3)...


In this study, we report the growth of metallic tungsten nanowires induced by alloy catalysts (Fe–Ni) at a temperature of 850 °C. The synthesized tungsten nanowires have bottom diameters of 100 to 400 nm and tip diameters of <80 nm, and show a well-defined single-crystalline structure. The formation of the (Fe,Ni)-catalyzed W nanowires should be controlled by the vapor–solid–solid mechanism, rather than the traditional vapor–liquid–solid mechanism, because the growth temperature is significantly below the lowest eutectic temperature (1455 °C) of the Fe–Ni–W ternary system. Our study demonstrates the feasibility of synthesizing metallic nanowires via metal-catalyzed methods, which may be extended to the synthesis of some other metallic nanowires.


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Growth of single-crystalline tungsten nanowires by an alloy-catalyzed method at 850 °C

  • Shiliang Wang (a1), Yuehui He (a1), Jian Xu (a1), Yao Jiang (a1), Baiyun Huang (a1), Jin Zou (a2), Yong Wang (a2), C.T. Liu (a3) and P.K. Liaw (a3)...


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