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Growth and thermal stability of (V,Al)2Cx thin films

  • Yan Jiang (a1), Riza Iskandar (a2), Moritz to Baben (a3), Tetsuya Takahashi (a3), Jie Zhang (a3), Jens Emmerlich (a3), Joachim Mayer (a4), Conrad Polzer (a5), Peter Polcik (a5) and Jochen M. Schneider (a6)...


Vanadium (V)–aluminum (Al)–carbon (C) thin films were deposited on Al2O3 $(11\mathop 2\limits^ - 0)$ substrates at 500 °C by direct current magnetron sputtering using a powder metallurgical composite target with 2:1:1 MAX phase stoichiometry. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and x-ray diffraction results suggest that a hexagonal Al-containing vanadium carbide solid solution (V,Al)2Cx was formed. The films exhibited a strong basal plane texture. The lattice parameter of the hexagonal solid solution was dependent on the annealing temperature: the c lattice parameter decreased by 3.45% after annealing for 1 h at 750 °C compared to the as-deposited film. Based on the comparison between experimental and theoretical lattice parameter data, it is reasonable to assume that this annealing-induced change in lattice parameter is a consequence of atomic ordering. Meanwhile, the formation of V2AlC MAX phase was observed at 650 °C and phase-pure V2AlC was obtained at 850 °C. TEM images support the notion that V2AlC forms by nucleation and growth.


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Growth and thermal stability of (V,Al)2Cx thin films

  • Yan Jiang (a1), Riza Iskandar (a2), Moritz to Baben (a3), Tetsuya Takahashi (a3), Jie Zhang (a3), Jens Emmerlich (a3), Joachim Mayer (a4), Conrad Polzer (a5), Peter Polcik (a5) and Jochen M. Schneider (a6)...


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