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Growth and structures of C60 shells

  • H. Sakuma (a1), M. Tachibana (a2), H. Sugiura (a2), K. Kojima (a2), S. Ito (a3), T. Sekiguchi (a3) and Y. Achiba (a4)...


The growth of the shells of C60 crystals was carried out under various conditions. The detailed structures of the grown shells were investigated by transmission electron microscopy and Raman spectroscopy. The shells were formed during thermal sublimation of the C60 crystals, which were irradiated with white light in air. The shells were mainly composed of a kind of amorphous carbon. From these results, it is suggested that the oxygen-induced disintegration of C60 cages is responsible for the shell formation.


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Growth and structures of C60 shells

  • H. Sakuma (a1), M. Tachibana (a2), H. Sugiura (a2), K. Kojima (a2), S. Ito (a3), T. Sekiguchi (a3) and Y. Achiba (a4)...


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