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Graphene-induced confined crystal growth of octahedral Zn2SnO4 and its improved Li-storage properties

  • Wentao Song (a1), Jian Xie (a1), Shuangyu Liu (a1), Gaoshao Cao (a1), Tiejun Zhu (a1) and Xinbing Zhao (a1)...


A Zn2SnO4/graphene (Zn2SnO4/G) hybrid was prepared by a facile one-pot hydrothermal route using SnCl4·5H2O, ZnSO4·7H2O, and graphite oxide as the precursors and NaOH as the mineralizer. Microsized Zn2SnO4 crystals with an octahedral shape are firmly confined by the graphene sheets, forming a unique hybrid structure. The confining effect of graphene leads to a more homogeneous size distribution of Zn2SnO4 crystals in Zn2SnO4/G than in bare Zn2SnO4. The introduction of graphene also brings an improved Li-storage performance for Zn2SnO4 due to the combined buffering, conducting, and confining effects of graphene. After being cycled at 200 mA/g for 50 times, Zn2SnO4/G can still keep a charge capacity of 326 mAh/g, while for bare Zn2SnO4, its charge capacity drops to only 100 mAh/g after the same cycles.


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Graphene-induced confined crystal growth of octahedral Zn2SnO4 and its improved Li-storage properties

  • Wentao Song (a1), Jian Xie (a1), Shuangyu Liu (a1), Gaoshao Cao (a1), Tiejun Zhu (a1) and Xinbing Zhao (a1)...


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