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A general relation for contact stiffness including adhesion in indentation analysis

  • Pin Lu (a1), Yong L. Foo (a1), Lu Shen (a1), Davy W.C. Cheong (a1) and Sean J. O’Shea (a1)...


The Maugis–Barquins (MB) solutions for the adhesive contact between an axisymmetric indenter and an elastic half-space are modified by incorporating the interfacial energy defined by the real area of contact. With the modified MB solutions, general relations for contact stiffness including adhesive effects in indentation analysis are derived. Numerical calculations showed that the difference in expected stiffness for the modified MB model compared to the standard MB results can be significant at low loads of interest in atomic force microscopy measurements and also for indentation tests at high load if the interfacial energy is large (∼0.1 J/m2) and the material is soft (Young’s modulus ≤100 MPa).


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