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Flow behavior and processing map of forging commercial purity titanium powder compact

  • Xiaoyan Xu (a1), Yuanfei Han (a1), Changfu Li (a2), Philip Nash (a2), Damien Mangabhai (a3) and Weijie Lu (a4)...


The flow behavior of forged commercial purity (CP) titanium powder compact was studied by developing a processing map. CP titanium powder was sintered to 94% relative density, then hot compressed in a Gleeble thermal–mechanical simulator at strain rates ranging from 0.001 to 10 s−1 and deformation temperatures ranging from 600 to 800 °C. The hot forging process improved the densification to 98–99.9% and reduced the grain size from 93 to 10 µm by the occurrence of dynamic recrystallization. The fully dynamic recrystallization region is in the range of deformation temperature of 750–800 °C and strain rate of 0.001–0.01 s−1, with a power dissipation efficiency higher than 40%, determined by constructing a processing map and analyzing the volume fraction of dynamic recrystallization. This research provides a guide for powder compact forging of power metallurgy titanium by providing the hot compression parameters, which can lead to an improved microstructure and densification.


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