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Fabrication and mechanical properties of CNT/Al composites via shift-speed ball milling and hot-rolling

  • Chao Yuan (a1), Zhanqiu Tan (a1), Genlian Fan (a1), Mingliang Chen (a2), Quan Zheng (a2) and Zhiqiang Li (a1)...


Flat products of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) reinforced Al matrix composites were fabricated using flake powder metallurgy via shift-speed ball milling and hot-rolling. The evolution of CNTs during preparation and the final distribution in the Al matrix were investigated, and the effect of CNT content on mechanical properties were discussed. Due to the combined effect of uniform dispersion of CNTs, structural integrity, interfacial bonding and directional alignment, the balance between high strength and ductility was successfully achieved in the annealed rolled composites with 1.5 wt% CNT addition, with the value of 382.6 MPa in tensile strength and 9.8% in fracture ductility. The load transfer strengthening was the main mechanism of the strength enhancement with CNTs addition. In addition, a strong rotated cube {001}〈110〉 texture was found in the final flat product of rolled composites. This study provides an effective route to produce and improve the mechanical properties of CNT/Al flat products.


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