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Fabrication and characterization of concentric-tubular composite micro- and nanostructures using the template-synthesis method

  • Veronica M. Cepak (a1), John C. Hulteen (a1), Guangli Che (a1), Kshama B. Jirage (a1), Brinda B. Lakshmi (a1), Ellen R. Fisher (a1) and Charles R. Martin (a1)...


The template-synthetic method is a general approach for preparing tubular micro-and nanostructures. This method has been used to prepare micro- and nanostructures composed of metals, carbons, semiconductors, polymers, and Li+-intercalation materials. This paper describes the use of the template method to prepare composite tubular micro- and nanostructures. These composite structures consist of an outer tubule of one material surrounding inner tubules of different materials. Chemical strategies used to prepare these composite tubular structures include electroless deposition of Au, electropolymerization of conductive and insulating polymers, electrodeposition of metals and semiconductors, carbonization of polymer precursors, chemical vapor deposition synthesis, and sol-gel synthesis.


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