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Fabrication and characteristics of weak links between â- and ĉ-axis normal grains of Y1Ba2Cu3O7−x

  • S. Mahajan (a1), D. B. Buchholz (a1), J. Lei (a1), R. P. H. Chang (a1), T. Hogan (a2), C. R. Kannewurf (a2), S. N. Song (a3), J. B. Ketterson (a3), B. Hinds (a4), T. J. Marks (a4) and J. Eckstein (a5)...


We have used pulsed organometallic beam epitaxy (POMBE) to simultaneously deposit â- and ĉ-axis oriented Y1Ba2Cu3O7−x (YBCO) thin films at arbitrary locations on LaAlO3(100) substrates. Using photolithography and ion milling, several types of â-ĉ weak links have been fabricated at the boundary between the two films. The current-voltage (I-V) characteristics show a flux flow type behavior. The resistive transitions are broad and the critical current density is low, indicating weak coupling across these boundaries. With magnetic field applied parallel to the grain boundary plane, nonhysteretic I-V curves are obtained and the critical current goes to zero at an applied magnetic field of ∼7500 G.



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