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Evolution of the Sn/Ni–8.0 at.%V interfacial reaction paths

  • Sinn-Wen Chen (a1), Yu-Ren Lin (a1), Hsin-Jay Wu (a1), Ru-Bo Chang (a1), Chia-Ming Hsu (a1) and Hong-Ming Lin (a2)...


Sn/Ni–8.0 at.%V (Ni–7.0 wt%V) couples are prepared and the interfacial reactions at 210 and 250 °C are examined. In the early stage of reaction at 250 °C, a T phase is formed as a result of fast diffusion of Sn into the Ni–8.0 at.%V substrate. With a longer reaction, the outer region of the T phase transforms to a Ni-depletion layer, which has not been observed previously. Both the T phase and the Ni-depletion layer are analyzed using transmission electronic microscopy. This newly found Ni-depletion layer is composed of Sn and nanosize “VSn2(V2Sn3)” particulates. The solid/solid reaction paths in the Sn/Ni–8.0 at.%V couples evolve from Sn/T/Ni–V, Sn/Ni3Sn4/T/Ni–V to Sn/Ni3Sn4/VSn2(V2Sn3). During the liquid/solid reactions, the paths are liquid/T/Ni–V, liquid/liquid + Ni3Sn4/T/Ni–V, liquid/liquid + Ni3Sn4/liquid + VSn2(V2Sn3)/T/Ni–V, and liquid/liquid + Ni3Sn4/liquid + VSn2(V2Sn3).


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Chen Supplementary Table
Table 1: The EPMA measurements along the two different layers in the Sn/Ni-8.0at%V couples reacted at 250oC for 24 hours.

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Evolution of the Sn/Ni–8.0 at.%V interfacial reaction paths

  • Sinn-Wen Chen (a1), Yu-Ren Lin (a1), Hsin-Jay Wu (a1), Ru-Bo Chang (a1), Chia-Ming Hsu (a1) and Hong-Ming Lin (a2)...


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