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Evolution of microstructure in TiC/NiCr cermet induced by electropulsing

  • W. Zhang (a1), M. L. Sui (a2), Y. Z. Zhou (a3), J. D. Guo (a3), G. H. He (a3) and D. X. Li (a3)...


Microstructures of a TiC/Ni80Cr20 cermet, subjected to single high-current-density electropulsing, were characterized by x-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. Under the electropulsing, the shift of NiCr peaks versus the reverse change of TiC counterparts illustrates that the treatment gives rise to strong thermal stress impacting on the cermet. The stress, accompanied by the transient rise of temperature, led to microstructural evolutions of the cermet. Some nanostructured TiC grains, consisting of many nanocrystallites with small-angle grain boundaries, developed during electropulsing. Also, many regions teemed with coexisting nanosized TiC and NiCr crystallites, which possessed good bonding. Within the NiCr regions, large amounts of deformation twins were produced by the electropulsing.


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Evolution of microstructure in TiC/NiCr cermet induced by electropulsing

  • W. Zhang (a1), M. L. Sui (a2), Y. Z. Zhou (a3), J. D. Guo (a3), G. H. He (a3) and D. X. Li (a3)...


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