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Evolution of microstructure and elevated-temperature properties with Mn addition in Al–Mn–Mg alloys

  • Kun Liu (a1) and X-Grant Chen (a1)


In the present work, various Mn amounts (up to 2 wt%) have been added into Al–Mn–Mg 3004 alloy to study their effect on the evolution of microstructure and elevated-temperature properties. Results showed that the dominant intermetallics are interdendritical Al6(MnFe) until to 1.5 wt% Mn. With further addition of Mn to 2 wt%, the blocky primary Al6Mn/Al6(MnFe) and high volume of fine Al6(MnFe) intermetallics form in the matrix, leading to the rapid increase on the volume fraction of intermetallics. After the precipitation heat treatment (375 °C/48 h), the precipitation of dispersoids increased with increasing Mn contents and reached the peak condition in the alloy with 1.5 wt% Mn, resulting in the highest yield strength and creep resistance at 300 °C. However, the elevated-temperature properties became worse in the alloy with 2 wt% Mn due to the lowest volume fraction of dispersoids and highest volume of dispersoid free zone.


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Contributing Editor: Jürgen Eckert



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