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Evaluation of the modified edge lift-off test for adhesion characterization in microelectronic multifilm applications

  • Jack C. Hay (a1), Eric G. Liniger (a2) and Xiao Hu Liu (a2)


The modified edge lift-off test (MELT) has gained enough acceptance in the community for evaluating interfacial adhesion that there is now commercial equipment for automating the test. However, there are several experimental and mechanics assumptions of the test that may provide unexpected outcomes. Experimental data suggested that for crack lengths greater than 5% of the film thickness the energy release rate was independent of crack length, contradicting the rule of thumb suggesting that the crack length should be greater than 10–20 times the film thickness to obtain a steady-state energy release rate in the edge crack problem. Finite element simulations not only corroborated the experimental observation but seemed to indicate that the crack length required for steady-state conditions was a function of the relative Young's moduli for the film and substrate. It was also shown via an analytical model that plate bending (commonly neglected) can significantly affect the energy release rate in the MELT and lead to incorrect conclusions regarding the reliability of an interface.


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