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Enhancement of the optical properties of copper sulfate crystal by the influence of shock waves

  • Aswathappa Sivakumar (a1), Madeswaran Sarumathi (a1), Sathiyadhas Sahaya Jude Dhas (a2) and Sathiyadhas Amalapushpam Martin Britto Dhas (a1)


A systematic analysis was carried out to study the effect of shock waves on copper sulfate crystal in such a way that its optical properties and surface morphological properties were examined for different number of shock pulses (0, 1, 3, 5, and 7) with the constant Mach number 1.7. The test crystal of copper sulfate was grown by slow evaporation technique. The surface morphological and optical properties were scrutinized by optical microscope and ultraviolet–visible spectrometer, respectively. On exposing to shock waves, the optical transmission of the test crystal started increasing from the range of 35–45% with the increase of shock pulses and thereafter started decreasing to 25% for higher number of applied shocks. The optical band transition modes and optical band gap energies were calculated for pre- and post-shock wave loaded conditions. The experimentally obtained data prove that the optical constants such as absorption coefficient, extinction coefficient, skin depth, optical density, and optical conductivity are strongly altered, so also the optical transmission due to the impact of shock waves. Hence, shock wave induced high transmission test crystal can be used as an appropriate candidate for ultraviolet light filter applications.


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Enhancement of the optical properties of copper sulfate crystal by the influence of shock waves

  • Aswathappa Sivakumar (a1), Madeswaran Sarumathi (a1), Sathiyadhas Sahaya Jude Dhas (a2) and Sathiyadhas Amalapushpam Martin Britto Dhas (a1)


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