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Enhancement of plasticity in Ti-rich Ti–Zr–Be–Cu–Ni–Ta bulk glassy alloy via introducing the structural inhomogeneity

  • Jin Man Park (a1), Do Hyang Kim (a1), Ki Buem Kim (a2), Eric Fleury (a3), Min Ha Lee (a4), Won Tae Kim (a5) and Jürgen Eckert (a6)...


The effect of microstructural inhomogeneities with different length scale on the plasticity of (Ti45Zr16Be20Cu10Ni9)100–xTax (x = 0, 5, and 10) bulk glassy alloys has been studied. The formation of specific heterogeneous microstructures with a different type of structural inhomogeneity, i.e., short-/medium-range ordered clusters or micrometer-scale ductile dendrites combined with a glassy matrix, evolved by appropriately tuning the alloy chemistry, improves the room temperature plasticity up to ∼12.5% and ∼15%, respectively. The pronouncedly enhanced plasticity is mainly attributed to the retardation of shear localization and multiplication of shear bands by controlling the plastic and failure instabilities otherwise responsible for premature failure.


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Enhancement of plasticity in Ti-rich Ti–Zr–Be–Cu–Ni–Ta bulk glassy alloy via introducing the structural inhomogeneity

  • Jin Man Park (a1), Do Hyang Kim (a1), Ki Buem Kim (a2), Eric Fleury (a3), Min Ha Lee (a4), Won Tae Kim (a5) and Jürgen Eckert (a6)...


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