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Enhance plasticity of bulk metallic glasses by geometric confinement

  • P. Yu (a1), Y.H. Liu (a1), G. Wang (a1), H.Y. Bai (a1) and W.H. Wang (a1)...


We report that bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) with large plasticity can be obtained in conventional brittle BMGs by a shrink-fit metal sleeve. The mechanical performance especially the plasticity in the Zr41.2Ti13.8Cu12.5Ni10Be22.5 BMG with a shrink-fit copper sleeve is much enhanced. The approach results in the formation of the highly dense and frequent interacting and arresting events of shear bands and is the origin of the observed large global plasticity. The results present another simple step toward toughening the inherently brittle BMGs.


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Enhance plasticity of bulk metallic glasses by geometric confinement

  • P. Yu (a1), Y.H. Liu (a1), G. Wang (a1), H.Y. Bai (a1) and W.H. Wang (a1)...


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