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Electrospun nylon fibers for the improvement of mechanical properties and for the control of degradation behavior of poly(lactide)-based composites

  • Ramesh Neppalli (a1), Carla Marega (a1), Antonio Marigo (a1), Madhab P. Bajgai (a2), Hak Y. Kim (a3), Suprakas Sinha Ray (a4) and Valerio Causin (a5)...


Poly(lactide) (PLA) composites filled with electrospun nylon 6 fibers were prepared. This allowed us to simultaneously improve the mechanical properties and tune the degradation of the PLA matrix. The interfacial adhesion between the PLA matrix and the nylon fibers was good. The major effect of electrospun fibers on the matrix was that of modifying the semicrystalline framework, thickening the polymer lamellae. This allowed an increase in the mechanical properties of the material, and on the other hand to modify its degradation behavior. The modulus of the composites was increased up to 3-fold with respect to neat PLA. The peculiar morphology of matrix–filler interaction moreover slowed down the degradation rate of the material and improved the dimensional stability of the specimens during the degradation process. This shows the potential of electrospun fibers as a way to tune the durability of PLA-based products, widening the range of application of this promising material.


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Electrospun nylon fibers for the improvement of mechanical properties and for the control of degradation behavior of poly(lactide)-based composites

  • Ramesh Neppalli (a1), Carla Marega (a1), Antonio Marigo (a1), Madhab P. Bajgai (a2), Hak Y. Kim (a3), Suprakas Sinha Ray (a4) and Valerio Causin (a5)...


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