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The effects of tensile plastic deformation on the hardness and Young’s modulus of a bulk nanocrystalline alloy studied by nanoindentation

  • G.J. Fan (a1), W.H. Jiang (a1), F.X. Liu (a1), H. Choo (a1), P.K. Liaw (a1), B. Yang (a2), L.F. Fu (a3) and N.D. Browning (a4)...


A bulk nanocrystalline (nc) Ni–Fe alloy was subjected to tensile deformation, which leads to grain growth. The nanoindentation study indicates that the hardness, H, and Young’s modulus, E, of the nc alloy before and after tensile deformation did not show a clear indentation-rate effect. However, the tensile deformation results in a decrease in the E values of about 15%, which might be attributed to the grain rotation, leading to texture development during the stress-induced grain growth.


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The effects of tensile plastic deformation on the hardness and Young’s modulus of a bulk nanocrystalline alloy studied by nanoindentation

  • G.J. Fan (a1), W.H. Jiang (a1), F.X. Liu (a1), H. Choo (a1), P.K. Liaw (a1), B. Yang (a2), L.F. Fu (a3) and N.D. Browning (a4)...


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