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Effects of electronic and recoil processes in polymers during ion implantation

  • E. H. Lee (a1), G. R. Rao (a1), M. B. Lewis (a1) and L. K. Mansur (a1)


It has been shown that ion implantation produces remarkable improvements in surface-sensitive mechanical properties, as well as other physical and chemical properties in polymers. To understand mechanisms underlying such property changes, various polymeric materials were subjected to bombardment by energetic ions in the range of 200 keV to 2 MeV. The magnitude of property changes is strongly dependent upon ion species, energy, and dose. Analysis indicated that hardness and electrical conductivity increased by employing ion species with larger electronic cross sections and with increasing ion energy and dose. The results showed that electronic stopping or linear energy transfer (LET, energy deposited per unit track length per ion) for ionization was the most important factor for the enhancement of hardness, while nuclear stopping or linear energy transfer for displacement generally appeared to reduce hardness.



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