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The effect of electron irradiation in high-Tc oxide superconductors

  • E. Adem (a1), L. Martínez (a1), J. Richards (a1), E. Orozco (a1), J. Fuentes-Maya (a1), J. L. Albarrán (a1), A. Mendoza (a1), E. Carrillo (a1), L. Cota (a1), J. Reyes-Gasga (a1), J. L. Boldú (a1), R. Pérez (a1), J. G. Pérez-Ramirez (a1) and J. José-Yacamán (a1)...


A superconductor ceramic oxide with the Y1Ba2Cu3O7−x phase and exhibiting a transition temperature at Tc ≍92K, was irradiated at room temperature with 1 MeV electrons. It was found that the irradiation produces a sharp drop in the Tc value from 92 K down to ∼40K. The irradiated sample suffered a change from metallike character to semiconductorlike behavior at T > Tc. It is also shown that after irradiation the twin boundaries on the material become irregular.



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