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Effect of a high axial magnetic field on the structure of directionally solidified Al–Si alloys

  • Dafan Du (a1), Zhenyuan Lu (a1), Annie Gagnoud (a2), Yves Fautrelle (a2), Zhongming Ren (a3), Xionggang Lu (a3), Rene Moreau (a4) and Xi Li (a5)...


The effects of an axial high magnetic field on the growth of the α-Al dendrites and the alignment of the iron-intermetallics (β-AlSiFe phases) in directionally solidified Al–7 wt% Si and Al–7 wt% Si–1 wt% Fe alloys were investigated experimentally. The results showed that the application of a high magnetic field changed the α-Al dendrite morphology significantly. Indeed, a high magnetic field caused the deformation of the α-Al dendrites and induced the occurrence of the columnar-to-equiaxed transition (CET). It was also found that a high magnetic field was capable of aligning the β-AlSiFe phases with the <001>-crystal direction along the solidification direction. Further, the Seebeck thermoelectric signal at the liquid/solid interface in the Al–7 wt% Si alloys was measured in situ and the results indicated that the value of the Seebeck signal was of the order of 10 µV. The modification of the α-Al dendrite morphology under the magnetic field should be attributed to the thermoelectric magnetic force acting on the α-Al dendrites. The magnetization force may be responsible for the alignment of the β-AlSiFe phases under the magnetic field.


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Effect of a high axial magnetic field on the structure of directionally solidified Al–Si alloys

  • Dafan Du (a1), Zhenyuan Lu (a1), Annie Gagnoud (a2), Yves Fautrelle (a2), Zhongming Ren (a3), Xionggang Lu (a3), Rene Moreau (a4) and Xi Li (a5)...


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