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Dynamic recrystallization in high-purity aluminum single crystal under frictionless deformation mode at room temperature

  • Yong Seok Choi (a1), Kyung Il Kim (a1), Kyu Hwan Oh (a1), Heung Nam Han (a2), Suk Hoon Kang (a3), Jinsung Jang (a3) and Jun Hyun Han (a4)...


Dynamic recrystallization (DRX) of 99.9999% aluminum single crystal at room temperature was examined under frictionless deformation mode. To exclude the self-heating of the specimen due to applied high strain, a microcrack that localizes the stress at a very small region was intentionally introduced by controlled local necking. For the in situ observation of DRX, a specially designed in situ microdeformation device was positioned inside an electron backscattered diffraction system chamber. Recrystallized grains showed relatively random texture and preferred growth direction. The subgrains with low-angle grain boundaries formed by dynamic recovery transformed into small grains with high-angle grain boundaries, acting as nuclei for discontinuous dynamic recrystallization and growing by further deformation. The DRX in pure aluminum can take place under frictionless tensile deformation conditions at room temperature, and the stress localization and high purity are key issues for the DRX of aluminum at room temperature.


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